One Arm Handstand Online Workshop

Are you ready to learn how to one-arm handstands, but don’t know where to start? Join Ulrik and Silje for a fun, two-hour workshop where we will teach you the basics of OAHS training. Don’t miss out on this chance to save yourself months of wasted time and frustration!


17:00 to 19:00 CEST

No workshops this week.
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Zoom Webinar

Link will be emailed at time of booking.


€ 50 /person

Payment via Paypal or Credit Card.


This workshop is for those who already have a solid two arm handstand and are ready to approach
one arm handstands. We will give you the tools necessary to start your OAHS jour
ney or fine-tune it
for those who have already started

Topics covered:

  • How to approach one-arm training
  • Specific strength and conditioning
  • Proper alignment and body positioning
  • Introduction to handstand blocks and how to use them
  • Learning to balance
  • Relevant endurance
  • One arm handstand training programming


When you purchase your ticket, you will receive a Zoom link to the meeting via email. You will also receive email reminders 24-hours and 1-hour before. Please be ready to go as we will start ON TIME.


  1. Introductions
  2. Theory of OAHS training
  3. Warm-up
  4. Two arm handstand basics
  5. OAHS training
  6. Summary and OAHS programming
  7. Q and A session


The one arm handstand is an advanced skill and so you must be able to do at least 3 of the following to be fully able to access this online workshop:

  • One minute freestanding handstand
  • 15-second tuck freestanding tuck handstand, with knees lower than hips
  • A 5-second seven handstand, with feet lower than hips
  • Straddle press handstand
  • Two rounds of the following sequence in one set:
    1. Straight
    2. Straddle
    3. Tuck
    4. Straddle
    5. Straight

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There are currently no Online One Arm Handstand Workshop dates available. Please note that Online Coaching is available in the meantime, or for updates future dates, you can Contact Me.

Your Coaches

Ulrik Fossum

Former lazy and overweight person, Ulrik has been working as a personal trainer for 5 years, and has been teaching handstands online,1on1 and in workshops around the world for the last three years. He’s been training handbalance for the last 7 years.

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Silje Dahlby

Former elite gymnast, Silje has been working as a personal trainer for the last 3 and a half years and has been teaching handstands for the last year. She has always been familliar with acrobatics, but went all in for handbalance about two years ago.

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Will I need any equipment or props?

Yes. You will need the following:

  • one pair of handstand blocks
  • enough wall space to do a straddle handstand
  • hard floor or board with enough room to safely handstand
How many spaces are available?

The workshop will host a maximum of 12 people. If there is enough interest we may host a second workshop.

What if I only have two out of the three prereqs, or am very close to achieving some of them, but don’t have them consistently?

If you don’t quite have at least three of the prereqs, then you are not ready to start training OAHSand therefore we do not recommend the workshop. Please check out our other workshops to help fill in the gaps in your training.

I have a pre-existing injury, is it still safe to participate?
Please make sure you are cleared by your doctor before participating in this physical activity.
When will I receive my link?

You will receive a zoom link via email after booking. You will receive reminders both 24-hours and 1-hour before the workshop commences.

Please be ready to go as we will start ON TIME.


We don’t take responsibility for harm you may cause yourself during the time of the workshop. Please be smart and don’t handstand around sharp and/or hard objects.
Also, by joining this workshop you give us the rights to share, use and sell a copy of this workshop as we please. You can black out your camera if you don’t want to be recorded.

Got questions

If I missed something in the FAQ or you’d like a bit more information, don’t be shy, just drop me a message.