Press Handstand Online Workshop


17:00 to 18:30 CEST

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Zoom Webinar

Link will be emailed at the time of booking.


€ 30 /person

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This workshop is designed to teach you how to do a straight-arm press handstand easily and consistently. It is structured as a combination between a follow along training session and a workshop. This means that we will not just show and explain, but you will also try the exercises and get live feedback.

Topics covered:

  • Mobility and compression exercises specific to press training

  • What appropriate press handstand form looks like

  • Relevant drills and exercises for the press itself

  • Press handstand progressions including pike, puppy and straddle press handstand
  • How to apply this to your press handstand training program


15 minutes before the workshop you will receive a ZOOM link via email. Please be ready to go as we will start ON TIME.

  1. Introductions
  2. Theory of press training
  3. Follow along warm-up (including flexibility for press handstands)
  4. Press handstand training portion (We will demo and explain first and then watch you and give feedback)
  5. Question and answer session


It is recommended to have a 20 second freestanding handstand to participate in this workshop.

This prerequisite will allow you to get the most from the workshop. If you aren’t there yet, you may still participate and learn the theory and foundation. However, please recognize that you might be limited in some of the actual exercises and drills you are able to do. The press is an intermediate skill and so is most suitable for those with at least this level of experience.

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There are currently no Online Press Handstand Workshop dates available. Please note that Online Coaching is available in the meantime, or for updates future dates, you can Contact Me.

Your Coaches

Ulrik Fossum

Former lazy and overweight person, Ulrik has been working as a personal trainer for 5 years, and has been teaching handstands online,1on1 and in workshops around the world for the last three years. He’s been training handbalance for the last 7 years.

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Silje Dahlby, handstand coach and elite gymnast

Silje Dahlby.

Former elite gymnast, Silje has been working as a personal trainer for the last 3 and a half years and has been teaching handstands for the last year. She has always been familliar with acrobatics, but went all in for handbalance about two years ago.

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Will I need any equipment?

I suggest that you have the following in order to make the most out of this workshop.

  • A PC or phone with a camera, microphone and internet connection
  • A space big enough to safely do handstands, including a wall
  • A yoga mat/space to stretch on
  • A cushion for flexibility (if you know your hamstrings are more stiff) 
  • Something to press from (box, chairs, table, bench, yoga blocks, etc.- depends on your level); You might need to get creative, but make sure that it’s in a safe place where you can perform the move safely. Click HERE for a demo. 
  • Pen/paper if you want to write things down
When will I receive my link?

You will receive a zoom link via email after booking. Please be ready to go as we will start ON TIME.

I can't hold a 20 second freestanding handstand, can I still join?

Yes, by all means. But please bear in mind that you may find it difficult to access some parts of the workshop.


We don’t take responsibility for harm you may cause yourself during the time of the workshop. Please be smart and don’t handstand around sharp and/or hard objects.
Also, by joining this workshop you give us the rights to share, use and sell a copy of this workshop as we please. You can black out your camera if you don’t want to be recorded.

Got questions

If I missed something in the FAQ or you’d like a bit more information, don’t be shy, just drop me a message.