Handstand Addict


Contact me in person before buying

→ One Skype consultation every other month
→ Weekly check-up

The “Get started pack” is mandatory for every new client.
I will send you a questioner for you to answer, about your goals, where you are now, and everything else that will be relevant for us to work together. I will also ask for you to film yourself in different drills relevant for your goals.From there we do a skype consultation. Both for live feedback on for and on the most important drills, and also to talk about handstands, practice and if you have any relevant questions.
Then I have enough info to make a program and write a bit about handstands and the practice for where you are now. Every week, usually on Sundays or Mondays I will send you a check-up mail with some questions about your training week and for some clips of some of the drills. I will then give feedback, usually on Mondays or Tuesdays on the clips and update the program when that is needed.
The starting pack also includes one hands on PT-session you can use whenever during our collaboration. If we happen to be in the same country or city.