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I want to help you take your handstands to the next level. Having coached handstands both internationally and online for the last 3 years, I can save you precious time and energy in your handbalance training. I work with clients who are dedicated and willing to put in the work necessary to make progress. 

Hi! I’m Ulrik.

I’m obsessed with handstands! Not only because they are a constant joy and challenge, but because they have evolved my whole mindset and approach to life! Now I want nothing more than to share that obsession and life changing practice with you!

You see, I used to be overweight and I didn’t know how to train properly. Either I trained too much and burned out or I trained too little and I didn’t make me happy. I focused only on looks and the end result. When I was strength training it was all about aesthetics. When training for marathons it was all about time. But neither of those were fulfilling or even healthy. And neither of them lasted.

But then I discovered handstands. 

One of the things I love most about handstands is that there is a large mental component to training. It’s obvious that there is a certain level of conditioning and physical preparation needed for this skill. However, there is also a high level of mental discipline required. I love this mixture of simplicity and complexity in handbalance training. There is always something to work on, whether it’s unlocking a new skill or making a current skill easier and more efficient. The joy is in the handbalancer’s journey, not the destination.

I also enjoy performing and have done various performances which you can watch below. I even performed on Norway’s Got Talent and made it to the semifinals round.

Most importantly, I want to share the joy of handbalance with you. I love traveling and teaching handbalance workshops around the world. I also love working with clients online. I want to help you take your handstands to the next level and help you find balance in your handstand practice, both mentally and physically.

I don’t have any background in athletics or gymnastics. I am a certified personal trainer (AFPT; from the Academy of Personal Training in Norway), and have been coaching and personal training since 2013.

After many unsuccessful attempts to learn handstands on my own, I sought mentorship from Mikael Kristiansen. I’ve also done handbalance intensives in London and Ukraine. It wasn’t until I started training with a coach that my handbalance practice really took off. This is why I love what I do. I have been on the other side of online coaching, and it shaved off many years from my learning curve.


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